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Trig Immensely disturbed by violence in media

Recently a friend went into some detail about how she enjoyed horror movies. I was left unusually disturbed by her enthusiastic interest, not because I find such movies gross or scary, but because I canít cope with the fact she can gleefully watch people die in horrific ways. This disturbance branched out to any and all forms of fictional violence, to the point I have completely stopped partaking in any movies, games, and literature that have anything to do with violence and death.

I simply find it morbid that people can derive enjoyment from watching others being brutally killed and tortured. I understand itís all made up, but that almost makes it worse, as people often complain about violence in real life but have no issue watching or creating fictional scenarios containing rampant death and suffering. I am almost the opposite, where I can reconcile real life homicides and armed conflicts because theyíre treated as such horrible acts should be.

Another interesting, disturbing side note is that I have several
Possible trigger:
I absolutely hate them and refuse to indulge at all, but theyíre still always there, and I canít get over them.

I understand this is kind of a stupid problem, but itís just another symptom of some weird issues Iím having, and it still greatly disturbs me and I am losing some of the few friends I have over it.

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Default Re: Immensely disturbed by violence in media

I agree. I find it difficult to see people in jeopardy - even if it is make-believe. But I also find it hard to watch Reality TV as it makes me uncomfortable people being humiliated publically.

Hard for me is to hear of violence and hate crimes in the news. It makes me furious.

In addition though I hate it when news outlets show on site footage of such things and accidents on the television. Like we really need to see the crumpled car in a fatality. Back in April we had a horrific bus crash killing over a dozen boys and maiming countless others. For months now in what seems like every week the news trots out the footage of the appalling accident scene. Do we really need that? Is it reall necessary? Ugh. It really bothers me.
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Default Re: Immensely disturbed by violence in media

This is the biggest reason I don't watch TV for the most part. Also avoid most films.
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Default Re: Immensely disturbed by violence in media

Me too,perhaps you are HSP,Highly Sensitive Person?
If so,see group on face book.
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