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Default Natural Poems

Here's a different type of poem i hope you will enjoy. The style is completely my own creation. I'll post 3 of them and list the "rules" for creating them. If anyone knows what the actual word is rather than "rules", would you please post it? Thanks.

The Poems

How sank the red sun slowly
And lit the sky so holy
That for its part
Did lift my heart
In thoughts to great from lowly.

The stars that shine down nightly
On which we tread so lightly
Are still the same
As those that came
To touch Greek hearts so brightly.

The little patch of wild
That touched me as a child
Now stands anew
To bid adieu
Beneath a concrete mile.

The "Rules"

1. They must be about how nature makes you or others think and feel.
2. They must be able to be written as a single sentence. Commas are allowed but semicolons are not.
3. They must be exactly 5 lines long.
4. The rhyming pattern is A A B B A.
5. The first, second, and fifth lines must contain exactly 7 syllables.The third and fourth lines must contain exactly 4 syllables.
6. The even number syllables in each line must be stressed.

Sounds simple enough, yes? Heh, right. I can't tell you how many times I've sat there for several minutes thinking "What's the best word here that has this many syllables and this stress pattern?" And it gets even tougher when it's the last word in a line and it also has to keep the rhyming pattern.

If anybody wants to try their hand at writing their own Natural poem I'd love to hear them.
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Default Re: Natural Poems

Lovely poem thanks for this.
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Default Re: Natural Poems

Lovely poem
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