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Default newly diagnosed-little confused

hello all!

I've been a member of PC forums now for a few months for various things, but my newest diagnosis is dependent personality disorder, although I'd like to add that there is a co-dependancy factor here that aids my fear in losing certain people. But I guess I do fit the description that I feel I always need somebody around or that I do what other people want to do because of some deep seated fear of losing them. I think it comes more down to a lack of self confidence and/or I feel what I do is less important that I set my things aside for others. I guess!! I'm guessing what all might be considered in my case. The report didn't necessarily 100% resonate, or it depends on my mood (I've also been diagnosed with unspecified bipolar disorder), so it's hard to fully test for these things, maybe. So anyway, I guess I'm here just trying to figure things out and talk to others who've been through this.

don't laugh at my silly title. ok, maybe a little laughter is ok.
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Default Re: newly diagnosed-little confused

Hi, giddykiddy, and welcome to this forum!
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Default Re: newly diagnosed-little confused

Hi and welcome!
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