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Default Re: We Have to Fight This Together

Originally Posted by captaineo View Post
Thanks TLC, we are tuned in. I have the same interests as well, just have not taken my head out of my .... to get started and going. Will read Stephen Hawking. Will check out Reddit. Thanks a lot again.
Reddit is a great place to get started. Frequent on subreddits like r/nosleep. I'd like to add that I was once a member of reddit but I deleted my account so I could fully concentrate on my studies, and haven't been able to open a new one yet. I did chat with several authors with PMs and they were very nice. It boosted my confidence and I guess theirs too.

Some good reddits

While linking the first two reddits, I had a great idea about you. If you have the money, you can build your own website! It may be about anything, including hobbies or a blog. I always wanted to be a computer programmer (yes, among a lot of other things, like a doctor and a psychotherapist) and I was always looking forward building a website but I never had the money. Don't worry, I am more focusing on my studies now.

Reddit is great, there are other things to do, like following wordpress blogs as well.

Going out is one of the most important things to maintain your health. I know it's gonna be hard, but try making some friends and hanging out with them. And there you go, no more loneliness.

Find solitude in loneliness... For me, whenever I see this video (which is a photo of Stephen Hawking holding Jane and Arrival of the Birds playing in background) I feel lonely as well... but realize that this world is beautiful and full of people like Dr.Hawking. I have tried seeing this video many times and each time I felt less and less lonely.

The movie Theory of Everything was amazing as well. I am just glad people like Prof.Hawking exist. He's my idol. Perhaps the greatest human being to live. If I can, I will cure ALS in his memory.
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