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Default Re: Worthless

Originally Posted by Fuzzybear View Post
I, apparently, am worthless
I don’t deserve help..
My triggers and my pain are “ridiculous” - someone irl told me this
I am sorry you were told this. I can relate. Recently, this is how I am being treated by everyone around me. I still know they are wrong - I hope you do as well, because you deserve help and your triggers and pain are not "ridiculous". That said, I know simple head knowledge does nothing to alleviate the damaging and lingering pain that just seems to grow inside. I cannot tell you how to get rid of that pain nor how to stop it from growing. What I can tell you is you are a beautiful, wonderful, and caring person. Your inner beauty shines through everytime you respond to anyone .. be those responses in pictures, or in words - your heart of love is always shown. Whoever said those things to you ... was lashing out. Most likely it was not even really bc of you but rather just a way to alleviate the stress that was built up. I can't say for sure that'swhat it was - but most times that's what it turns out to be. Does that mean it was ok for the person to say? Certainly not. In fact, you have every reason and right to feel as you do. But - perhaps having another explanation for why it was said - may help alleviate some of that pain. ❤

Please be good to yourself
Life is not measured by the amount of breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away
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