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Disk Come on, we have two fights to fight!

1) We have the corona crisis
2) We have to continue to fight our depressions (and perhaps loss)

It's not a joke, but this is a very hard crisis to cope with for people already depressed. Since most of us, in spite of depression, have the ability to think clearly, we need to prepare ourselves for the now and the days to come.

Coronavirus Anxiety, how to cope as best you can:

If you are put on new medication:
What to Do (On and Off the Web) While You’re Waiting for Your Antidepressants to Kick In .

63 ways to help yourself get through depression on a day-to-day-basis:

Coping with loss of any kind:
Coping with Grief and Loss -

Suicide: Read This First

Why it is hard to recover from suicidal thoughts:
Suicide and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

There have always been people fighting for this or that, let us join them in our special fight to survive the corona crisis togheter:


(PS. If there is a link that is difficult to open, black it first and copy it).
“Freedom and Responsibility - Relaxation and Nutrition!" Come on, we have two fights to fight!

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Default Re: Come on, we have two fights to fight!

Dear Singer47,

Thank you for sharing what you did. It is very helpful and inspiring. It is so good when people share helpful ideas!

Sincerely yours, -- Yao Wen
I have always been inspired by the philosophy of Dr. Albert Schweitzer who sought to have a reverence for life and all living things.
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