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Help How much do asthma inhalers cost?

I believe I developed asthma quite a while ago but I put off going to the doctor because my insurance deductible is so high that I can't use any benefits.

I have had bad allergies for decades and started getting frequent shortness of breath and a few bad episodes a few years back. I have it pretty well under control with a lot of OTC drugs but I still feel tired and out of breath nearly all the time. But I havent had any scary attacks since I started using mucus thinners.

Someone in my family keeps insulting me and accusing me of lying and making up health problems to play the victim and not doing more work. I am already exhausted because I do the physical work for the family business and it is really hard work. I also have repetetive stress injuries that my sister says I lie about. Today, she said that if I really had asthma I would have an inhaler and said a lot of horrible things about my character.

So I want to go to the doctor and get diagnosed for whatever is wrong with my lungs and get a prescription because my sister's comments are so nasty. The problem is that we don't have enough money for bills and necessities. I almost want to do this out of spite because she is uptight about money and if she goads me about not having treatment for my condition she can't stop me spending money on doctors or medicine. I have also been putting off seeing a doctor for another issue because we can't afford it. But I'm so angry at my family I want to do it anyways.

But there is still the issue of money. Some websites say inhalers cost $80 and other say they cost $300+. Can someone with asthma tell me how much it is likely to cost if I get prescribed one or any other types of drugs you use?

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Default Re: How much do asthma inhalers cost?

My friend got one without insurance and it was about 100 dollars for the generic brand I use (albuterol). There are newer and fancier kinds out there that probably cost more but this one works fine for me. Good luck and I'm sorry you have to deal with this.
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Default Re: How much do asthma inhalers cost?

I use an albuterol inhaler as well. I paid a co-pay. Be sure to monitor your asthma. It runs heavy on one branch of my family. I started having asthma last spring 2019 and it has been very severe. I have to take two daily antihistamines and use a nebulizer machine.
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