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Default Re: Telling primary doctor...

I have told my primary Dr. He has been treating me for about 20 yrs and knows more about me than my T does. It is hard to talk about it, but T and I thought it was a good idea to tell him being he knows I'm a survivor and working through eating disorders and in the past tried to harm myself. I usually see him every month or two because of a medical condition. He thanked me and appreciated the information. My gyn dr. doesn't know. He's great and I have had him for about 15 yrs. I only see him once a yr.
I know I am one of the lucky ones who has a great PCDr. I can tell him nearly anything.

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Default Re: Telling primary doctor...

I would expect any primary care physician to be extremely insulted by the method you suggest.
What kind of moron wouldn't know what dissociation meant !!!
Let alone one who has already finished a medical degree !!!
This is a recipe for totally antagonizing your primary care physician.
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Default Re: Telling primary doctor...

the key here is "medical degree" which is schooling and a diploma in medical problems - physical -bones guts and so on.and medicinal. not psychological. I know that it is hard for you to believe but alot of primary physicians do NOT know alot about mental disorders. Their schooling is primarily medical not mental work. When they do do their internship in ER's and so on and they encounter a mentally ill person the hospital protocal is they get a psych consult not diagnose it themselves. Once they are out of medical school they keep up on the things that they specialize in family medicine, surgery and so on. They don't keep up on psychological terminology because they don't deal with psychological problems 24/7. I personally have had well over 50 primary physicians through out my life and each time I approached them with a problem associated with dissociation I was medicated, cat scaned for memory loss due to possible tumors, ECG, for heart attack because of numbness, tested for epilepsy, hospitalized as a suicidal when I was having flashbacks, x rays you name it just about every state in the USA has a complete medical work up on me from head to toe. The word Dissociation is also relatively new to the psychological world let alone the world of medicine. All dissociative disorders used to be thought of as schitzophenia and or PTSD and Multiple Personality Disorder But none of them contained the word Dissociation in the diagnostic criteria or the name of the disorder. That is why the psychological world changed the name Multiple Personality Disorder to the name Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Your primary doctor may be offended only you know what would offend your primary physician but My doctor was not offended and neither were those primary physicians that have read this post here and on other websites.

As for antagonizing a primary physician all physicians that I know welcome input from their clients no matter how they word it. They always said to me tthe only way they know how to treat their clients is if the client talks to them in what ever ways they are comfortable doing so. and if that means the client breaks down what they are learning in therapy into easy to talk about steps that will prevent needless tests and hospitalizations then thats what they accept from their clients.
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Default Re: Telling primary doctor...

from personal experience, the drs we dealt with, just for son's bipolar, were very ignorant of mental health. wish it were required for them to take a few classes to learn. as far as dissociation. if they dont know about bipolar, can assume they dont know dissociation as well.
Telling primary doctor...
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Default Re: Telling primary doctor...

My T asked me the last session if my doc knew of my Dx'es? I said I didn't think so because it wasn't in my chart. I read my medical chart often. They always hand me my chart and tell me to sit in the lab waiting room when I have lab work done. I read my chart and not the mags. A lot more interesting. I've never seen any thing about my mental health except in my initial paperwork because of being hospitalized for OD's. But T said maybe I could let her know of my Dx since she's handling my medications now. I have a wonderful Doc and T. I'm thinking about telling her my Dx and then saying if you have any questions talk to my T. Just so unsure because I hate answering a bunch of questions. My next doc appointment is in 2 weeks and I see my T next week. So maybe I'll go over it with T. Unsure Telling primary doctor...
Back, I've lost months, months !
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Default Re: Telling primary doctor...

Hi "MySelf" WE are new to this site but have been dx for over 20 years with DID plus several other mental disorders. We have always been very up front with my primary doctor or any other doctor that we've seen about our DID.They usually are very nice and just what to know what they can do if another comes forward so that we stay safe. We are lucky because there are only 6 of us I know how lucky we are because our fried has over 70.
We understand that most people are very quite and private about their DID. This is a way of staying save and not having to deal with other people prejudice. Hollywood has made people think we are all murders'. We had a nurse in the ER back up from us when taking our medical history.She asked me if I ever hurt people.We wanted to say, "Only when I'm asked stupid questions?" but figured she wouldn't get the humor of it.
We're MPD, clinical depession,PTSD, severe Adhedonia, ADHD, recoving drug addict and to top it off as We get old we're gettin' fatter!
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Default Re: Telling primary doctor...

how did you stop being afraid of the gyn? i stopped going, the flashbacks and panic is so bad, i refuse. i had told them that i have an abuse history, but still, i feel like i'm giving permission for it to happen all over again.

Credits: ChildlikeEmpress and Pseudonym for this lovely image.

Telling primary doctor...alt="Universal Life Church | ULC" border="0">
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Default Re: Telling primary doctor...

HI Guys.
I just had spinal fusion surgery and after being diagnosis with DID in 1988. After all these years and many doctors visits later. I decided to face it head on with the doctor and the hospital. I came out a few weeks ahead and explained it all and told them what was probably going to happen. That Katie my 5 year old alter who always took the pain for me would probably be out before surgery when they IV was started and would probably be out in recovery. I could just see the RNS thinking i was in shock with me talking like a little girl. I was in the hospital for 5 days and the first 3 days i was doped up on morphine katie was in and out alot but with me telling the doctors and taking control of the situation the doctors and nurses were on the same page and they worked together for my pain management and talked together. Instead of me feeling like a freak i felt like they understood.. In fact, my doctor and surgeon told me that he learned so much during my stay in the hospital that he was going to be able to us with his other patients and he appreciated me telling his ahead of time. He was appreciateive of me sharing it with him and the nurses were too. It was such a positive experience. ALL around.
Just wanted to share.
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Default Re: Telling primary doctor...

Im new to the DX; but I react the same way at the gyn, I always thought that all woman did, I feel very strange during the exams, and I tense up so much that they have to coach me into breathing. Not to long ago I told my GYN about my past sexual abuse, I did not tell him everything, just that I was, and I only told him because of a problem I have and I was so scared that what happend to me as a child caused it, he said no, that there would be no physical symptoms, just mental. I just went to thearpy a few days ago, I have been before, but was never completly honest, a part of me takes over and makes a joke out of everything, so people wont see me in pain, I have done that since I was a little kid, well, I finally opened up,and she told me I was D.I.D. There is a part of me that can hardly remember being told, I just froze and did not know what to do or say, and now Im starting to question myself, but I know I heard her say it.,
oh well dont mind me, I do this in my head all the time and now Im typing it.So I will end this bc im getting so nervous I cant evan think how to spell or type.
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Default Re: Telling primary doctor...

aint no way i'm telling my doctor she's bipolar and i can't never tell which way she gonna swing she's so off the wall. nona

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