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Default Re...grrrrrrrr

Where my parental units lived was not my “home”

I do not think of that place as “home”

Why would that place be home where I was abused. It was a house. The unit was not a homemaker.

I avoid going near there since it brings back such horrible memories.
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Default Re: Re...grrrrrrrr

Everybody has bad and sad memories, and always there's something that brings them to us! No matter how far we walk away and run away from them! the source where the memories were born send them to hunt us and track us down! So better you burn your sad memories rather than trying to run away of them!
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Default Re: Re...grrrrrrrr

The house I grew up in was a place of safety from the school bullies.

Going back there was another challenge but I could hide away in my bed. Only just realised that is why I always retreat to bed for safety now.

There are also spaces near my childhood house where I used to flee too that have a safe feeling while the house evokes great stress.

I am not sure I understand how a person brings a cub into the world and fails to love and protect them.

I am sending empathy and compassion to you Fuzzybear and all who know this feeling
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