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Default Long divorce

About two years ago I found out my (now ex) husband was cheating on me by finding inappropriate message on his phone. I gave him just under a year of second chances, trying to work it out etc, but it became obvious to me I was the only one willing to put in the effort. I asked for a divorce. Soon after I met someone else, a man who I now love. Over a year later my ex still can't make up their mind on the separation agreement and has now reported me to immigration to get me kicked out of the country so I can't be with my bf. I have done nothing but try to work with them and make things easier, but no matter what I do they just seem hell bent on hurting me however they can. I feel heartbroken. Hurt. Betrayed. Alone. I've lost everything. How do you cope with something like this?
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Default Re: Long divorce

There are attorneys out there that help with immigration. Your soon to be ex sounds vindictive and spiteful in doing that. Sounds cruel and abusive in doing so. Why should filing for a divorce warrant such ludicrous behavior anyways?

Eta: the way it's described to me is-in regards to fear tactics is that the enforcement agency is primarily concerned with fingerprints in their system. Not to say don't be proactive and ensure all your ducks are lined up in a row so to speak but there's a backlog of priorities. Definitely speak to an expert but I really think it's a fear tactic some hurt soon to be ex spouses use whether that or threats about child services or calling employers etc etc
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Default Re: Long divorce

Definitely see an attorney who specializes in immigration.
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Default Re: Long divorce

That's terrible...your ex has no right to do this. It's so unfair. He doesn't want to stay faithful and respect you but he doesn't want another man to have you either? It's sick and incredibly selfish. I hope you find a great attorney and things work out in your favor.
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