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Default Scared of losing weight?

I managed to lose some weight last year. It's not a lot, but I'm OK with going slowly. I'm proud of myslef. However today I could feel my collar bones and I freaked out a little. I don't know why, but I felt like... "this isn't me". Like I'm losing myself. I have dieted many, many times before and I never felt this way. Now in the evening it suddenly seemed to me that my forearm is unusually thin and like it didn't belong to me. Just for the record, I'm still obese according to BMI. Does anyone feel similar?
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Default Re: Scared of losing weight?

I've tried dieting many times with little to no success. The one time I was seeing results the diet cost to much money to follow long term at the time. I AM going back to that!! But odd thoughts kept going through my head. About body shape. And loose skin. Mostly the loose skin. And that terrifies and disgusts me. At times I think in my head I would rather live in my overweight body than a new disfigured body. Now I know there are procedures to remove that excess skin, but who has money for that? So I guess I sorta understand the weirdness about dealing with changing bodies. While I was able to afford that method of diet, and was losing weight and feeling wonderful I could feel changes starting in my belly. It was shrinking and getting softer. So my concerns about excess skin intensified. I would love to have collar bones tho!! 😊
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Default Re: Scared of losing weight?

WHen I lose some flab, it tends to feel great, but can also feel weird like you say. Since I now have a clear picture of where I'd like to be, how I'd hope to look (even if unrealistic), and what I'd like to be able to do (realistic!) I feel more comfortable with changes.

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Default Re: Scared of losing weight?

Many decades ago a book came out called "Fat Is A Feminist Issue" by Susie somebody. I may still have a copy at home. I thought the book had some valuable things to say about women vs. the pressure to be thin.
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Default Re: Scared of losing weight?

Yes I've felt like this before. At my thinnest, I remember being in the bathtub and looking at my legs like ??? Who's are these? Haha. It went away after a few months, I think it may just an adjustment period.
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