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Confused abilify makes me sleepy even as I sleep for 7-10 hours

I've been using abilify for behavioral disorder for a week, and honestly I don't remember if there was a time I was sleepy as I've been this week. I have to start taking full dosage after a week of taking it half dosage. Someone advised me to keep taking half dosage even as it's been a week because it makes me so sleepy. I don't know if I should, considering my doctor said take it full dosage after a week. Should I or should I not?
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Default Re: abilify makes me sleepy even as I sleep for 7-10 hours

I was very tired the first two weeks on it then it was like my body got used to it. I'd take it the way the doctor prescribed it and see if after a few weeks it doesn't get better. IF the tiredness persists then you might need to see if your doc can prescribe something different that won't make you so tired.
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Default Re: abilify makes me sleepy even as I sleep for 7-10 hours

Talk to your doctor. Do not make your decision based on what a non-professional has told you. An evidence based decision is far better than an anecdotal one. Your doctor has gone through years of schooling to learn this - a guy or gal off the street probably hasn't. At least tell your doctor about your troubles and concerns and make it a decision decided together.
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