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Default Re: unusual appearance

For me fashion is about expression of yourself. But who I am is not exactly typical. I have the desire to dress a certain way, but I know that it is not socially acceptable to do so because how is that going to look when I walk to the shop to buy milk, and do I really want the attention its going to bring? So I tone it down, maybe sneak a few subtle things that I can get away with. I kind of love it when I can go to places where my preferred manner of dress isn't going to stand out, like at a festival or something. But then again, I'm much to socially withdrawn to do that sort of thing often.

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Default Re: unusual appearance

Maybe over time just add more and more bits of fashion you like.

Wear what you like
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Default Re: unusual appearance

I think you are free to be who you are and to express that. With that said though you may come across situations where conforming may be necessary. What comes to mind is a dress code at work and so forth. Your employer does have the right to set a code as a condition of employment. As long as it is set out as such at the time of a job offer it must be adhered to. It wouldn't be breaking your rights. However, if your dress was brought up negatively without that code having been made aware to you at the point you were hired, that would be violating your rights.

As long as you are clean with the shirts and shoes thing adhered to, no one can deny you service.

I want to point out that I am 52 and do not dress like the average woman of that age. I express my more artsy fartsy granola eating whale loving tree hugging persona through my clothing choices. Sometimes it is pretty much out there. I am heavily tattooed too although this is becoming normal for women my age. Conforming for me has always been a problem and I have always tried to buck that as opportunity arises since my release from the Navy.

This only became problematic during a period I was extremely manic. I really really played up the outlandish appearance. In hindsight, it was pretty out there and I am a wee bit embarrassed.
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Default Re: unusual appearance

Hugs to you. I don’t look conventional ... there is nothing wrong with that.
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