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Default Re: Weird feeling like everyone knows something I don't

I believe we should be able to rely on others. Community living creates feelings of safety and belonging. Feeling a need to belong and connect with others is a normal feeling. When we rely on others too much, we give ourselves a false interpretation of reality and what others can do for us. Inability to rely on others will stress feelings of fear and acceptance. Both of these situations might create reason for dissociation and over-sensitivity.
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Default Re: Weird feeling like everyone knows something I don't

Originally Posted by annoyedgrunt84 View Post
I often feel strangely like the whole world knows something I don't about how to behave and what to do, I often feel completely alienated from everyone, by everyone I mean every last person on planet Earth. I feel no connection, no deep connection anyway, to anyone like I am some kind of alien slime that nobody wants anything to do with. Does everyone feel such a profound sense of alienation from time to time? Is the difference just that some people don't fixate on it?
We're not supposed to diagnose on the forums on PC. I'd like to point out that you used the term "slime" to describe yourself (which, considering the way you used the term could be interpreted as a negative self-image) and then made several assumptions about "the whole world," "nobody," "everyone," "every last person" that I doubt are actually true.

People learn how to behave, if by behave you mean adhere to a set of behaviors generally considered appropriate for the society you're in. You don't say how old you are (and you don't have to); however, I can offer an observation that young people often bumble about for a while before they feel as though they have found their place; and this feeling of unsettledness can come back at mid-life and at old age, I don't doubt.

The coming of the internet and hand held devices (tablets, cell phones, etc) has seriously disrupted the sort of socialization that people who had to deal face to face got by the boatload by virtue of actually being face to face with other people. So there is that, too. This can sometimes become more apparent when circumstances change: going away to college, starting a job where there is face to face interaction, moving to a new neighborhood, etc (pre-COVID 19 for most of this).

You can probably help yourself by choosing one word or phrase: 'alienation,' 'feeling disconnected' or 'existential crisis,' as examples, and then searching it in a search engine, to see what pops up. Then you can read or watch videos to delve more deeply into the areas that resonate with you.
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