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Default Re: Poppin' Tags (aka thrift store shopping)

Today, I got a fully working Sony Remote Commander RM-AV3000 for $3. I'm a huge remote control nerd and have about a dozen rare ones in my collection. This thing is massive! 2.5 times the size of an oem Vizio remote and almost bigger than my fingers all stretched out. Weighs almost two pounds with batteries. It's been a dream to get my hands on one of these hybrid touch screen remotes forever and now it's mine!
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Default Re: Poppin' Tags (aka thrift store shopping)

We have a good sized thrift store in our town called Skills. They accept donated items and sell them at low prices to support their developmentally challenged clients. I don't remember the organization name but I did apply at the L.C. Dill Center one time for work. My boyfriend and I shop there all the time!! They sell vhs tapes for .50 and yes my player still works!! Dvds for a buck. I have a thing for boxes and found a really cool, heavy soap stone box, hand carved, for 2 bucks. They carry a bit of everything and we stop in frequently to see what new finds we can come home with. On a side note, my landlord runs an antique store downstairs from me, but he also buys and sells stuff like books, movies, cds jewelry stuff like that. So we are always in there too seeing the new goods and we always get discounts cause we are tenants, and I have lived here for 15 years. Even longer than he has owned the place!!!
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