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Default Re: Welcome to the Habit Change forum

Jewelry, wow, that's pretty darn impressive.

I'm not there yet. However, I did pluck my eyebrows today and tested out some make- up, neither of which I've done in over a year.

The holes in my earlobes have grown over, for real. Not the thin layer of skin grown over, that I can push my earring through with a bit of pain, but thickly grown over. I have no idea where one gets their ears pierced nowadays. I had my ears pierced in 1978! I'm worried I'll have to go to one of those Tattoo/piercing sort of places, because when I google ear piercing/my town, that's what comes up. I'll ask whoever cuts my hair next week - they'd might know. I'd really like to be a bit more put together when I leave the house.
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Default Re: Welcome to the Habit Change forum

I was showered and dressed, wearing make up even, and out the door by 9am today. I packaged up a parcel and took it to the post office, got my hair cut, voted, and did a small grocery shop. All on foot.
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Talking Re: Welcome to the Habit Change forum

Originally Posted by DocJohn View Post
Welcome to the Habit Change forum!

We envision this forum a place where people can go to check-in, give and get support related to trying to change a specific habit or behavior in their lives.

Habit change is hard, but there are a lot of great apps, life hacks, tips, and other things that can help you in your journey. Folks here can also help you with checking in on a regular basis, and support you in the process of habit change.

So get started today! Pick a single habit or behavior in your life you'd like to change (e.g., "Be more thoughtful with my partner," "Be on time for at least one thing this week," "Say no once to a request someone makes of me (if you're always a "yes" person, even when you're overwhelmed!)").

What's with the grin, and the APPs are the first thing you thought of? It's getting harder to search for good apps and hacks on the internet, I'm not tech savvy, folks simply want the best, from the best, they cost money too sometimes, right? Net folks are out of their mind. I appreciate your effort though.
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