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Default Going to Sleep

Going to sleep is a huge issue for me every night. It's not that I have trouble sleeping, I don't have any trouble, it's just that the idea of going to sleep gives me anxiety. I also decide to pull all nighters every couple days because I decide that I'm going to be super productive and spend all night doing stuff. Another problem is I don't want the day to end, I really enjoy life and my hobbies. My meds make me tired so I try to fight it and stay up but it usually ends up with me falling asleep at 3 in the morning then having to get up a couple hours later and being miserable. Sometimes I make it a full 24 hours but it's not common anymore with the mood stabilizer I'm taking now. When I stay up that long, I start out with tons of energy then eventually end up just being up exhausted and getting none of the stuff I planned on doing done.

So my goal is to go to sleep every night, at a reasonable time and get good rest, not fight it.

Last night I only got 3 hours because I slept late yesterday.

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Smile Re: Going to Sleep

Well... a good night's sleep is important, of course. So I hope you can find a way to achieve your goal of going to sleep at a reasonable hour every night.
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Default Re: Going to Sleep

I have the same problem. I am somewhat nocturnal and don’t like putting away things. Have you tried creating a schedule and going for gradual change instead of changing all at once?
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Default Re: Going to Sleep

You need to change your environment and make sleeping pleasurable, because otherwise any will-based (self-discipline-based) measures will be short-lived and ultimately fail.

What can make sleeping pleasurable for you? Say, I listen to audiobooks when I am falling asleep. I sleep on a silk fitted sheet, have silk pillows and silk pillowcases (when I can afford it, I will buy a silk comforter), and they are very pleasant and cool to the touch. I have this bottle that comes with labels for hand-labeling - I dilute lavender essential oil in water and spray my silk bedding before I go to bed, and I hand-wrote "Nighttime spray" on the label in my best hand writing, so I like seeing my handwriting (I was a messy hand writer as a kid, worked on developing a pleasant handwriting as an adult, and now enjoy seeing how I handwrite).

I in no way suggest that you replicate my habits, but just that the way to sleeping regularly is by being hedonistic about it - as opposed to, well, punitive. Spend some time figuring out what it is that will make sleeping something that you look forward to. Say, I look forward to audiobooks and the smell of lavender. Again, do not want to impose specific advice on you, but suggest the general methodology instead.
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Default Re: Going to Sleep

Okay so... Get into your Pj's and put your clothes that are for tomorrow on a sheaf .socks+underwear with your clothes.. Than have a cuppa tea with chocolate biscuit,dream of nice things and ask your self what your doing tomorrow and dream ... hope this helps you x
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