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Default Re: Your best new habit in 2018

Changing my eating habits. To lose weight and be healthier. It's challenging, lots of demons in my mind.
Son: 14, 12/15/2009 R.I.P.
Daughter: 17
Diagnosis: Bipolar with Psychosis. Latuda 80 mgs.
Roprinole 2 mg. 3x/day
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Default Re: Your best new habit in 2018

Sobriety from alcohol! It was a massive undertaking.
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Default Re: Your best new habit in 2018

For 2019...watching my safety in 2019.

In January 2019 I had some stuff stolen out of the bed of my truck. I then changed where I park in my apartment complex to a more secure area.

Ladies...think safety. Park in well-lit areas and closer to the entrance of stores. Have your keys ready to unlock your car door and don't laden yourself down with packages and groceries.

I used a backpack recently when I went grocery shopping. This left my hands free to hold my keys and unlock my vehicle with ease. I am single so if I shop for groceries twice a week I can easily fit my stuff in a backpack. We have a lot of homeless now wandering around in parking lots and I want to get in my car and get out of the parking lot fast.

I live in a medium large city but it is growing and there is more crime.

The verdict is out with regards to carrying pepper spray. I say carry it if you are going out alone at night. Of course you have to carry it in your hand or pocket...because if it is in your handbag you probably won't be able to get to it quickly.

Finally...I used to always park in an underground garage at a local mall until I heard recently a woman was held at gunpoint and her car stolen. If you need to park in a garage try to park as close as possible to the security booth. Don't park near large vehicles that give someone a good place to hide.

I have lived in many large cities in my life and only had one incident. Once in Boston a man offered to give me a ride home. Stupidly I agreed. I was young. I noticed when inside his car that he started to go the wrong way...towards out-of-town. I didn't say anything but at the first stoplight I jumped out of the car and never looked back!

Young or old women are at risk. Finally, I don' t talk to anyone who comes up and tries to engage me in conversation when I am out. It isn't rude to not speak to a random stranger. It's self-protective.

Ladies...let's stop worrying about being nice and focus on keeping safe.

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Default Re: Your best new habit in 2018

trying to write every day--I enjoy it and feel a sense of accomplishment
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Default Re: Your best new habit in 2018

Daily, weekly, bi-weekly routines - instituting them made a tremendously positive difference.
Bipolar I w/Psychotic features

Zyprexa Zydis 5 mg
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Melatonin 10 mg
Levoxyl 75 mcg (because I took Lithium in the past)

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Default Re: Your best new habit in 2018

I started running and getting more regular exercise, I lost 2 stone in 2018 and I'm continuing the running habit in 2019, it's been nearly a whole year now, with this and some dietary changes, mainly more plants, I have so much more energy.

Last summer was amazing because I was able to keep up with my two daughters, then aged 10 and 7, running around the parks after them having lots of fun. Those are the memories I want them to have when they grow up.

2019 habits. Even more plants and more sleep, I'm struggling with the latter.
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