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Default New Habits!

Hello fellow people who desire to change their habits.

I want to start a habit of 30 minutes of yoga each morning before work. In order to do that, I would need to establish a morning routine AND wake up 30-40 minutes earlier than usual.

I immediately became overwhelmed just thinking about this and already anticipating my failure. Considering I am not much of a morning person, and don’t work out EVER, this is a rather ambitious goal.

So I backed the truck up. First, apparently, I need to simply learn how to establish a habit. ( And the way to do that is pick one, small, EASY PEASY HABIT, and do it every day for thirty days straight. (THIRY DAYS. WHO HAS TIME FOR THIS?! I WANT TO SEE RESULTS FROM YOGA NOW!)

*Deep Breath* Upon reading further I learned that many people have a burst of motivation when they start a new habit – however this quickly fades after a slight slip up or when you realize there may be limits to your motivation. This is why itis important that your habit be EASY PEASY and require little to no motivation!

So my EASY PEASY, no-motivation morning routine looks something like this:

• Wake up at a decent time (NOTE: At first I tried to put a specific time in – but quickly realized I wasn’t ready for such an ADVANCED habit that would require the “M” word, so instead I just wake up at a “decent time,” i.e. anywhere between 3-6 snoozes. Also, it’s not always decent. I’ll get there though. The point is that it’s now a part of my routine and I am now CONSCIOUSLY, MINDFULLY, WAKING UP. It’s like I’m preparing my brain to introduce new habits…)
• Drink a full glass of water before my feet hit the floor (I leave it at my bedside all night, so I guess I ingest a little dust as well, maybe a gnat. Whatever).
• Go to the bathroom (I told you, easy, no motivation, but super exciting to cross off your list).
• Clean out kitty kat’s litter box (something I would sometimes have no problem skipping before initiating this challenge).
• Enjoy a cup of coffee (never actually skipped this before).
• Eat breakfast (normally a banana or a smoothie, this was another one to skip easily)
• Take vitamins (when I don’t eat breakfast, I don’t bother taking vitamins because you’re supposed to take them with food. So this is another one that was easily skipped).

Yes, most of this stuff is stuff I would do anyway, but now I am doing it consciously, consistently, SKIPPING NOTHING, every day.

I am only implementing this routine on BUSINESS DAYS. I have a feeling this is frowned up. But we’re just going to go with it for now. I am on (business day) 9.

Anyway, only one day in the last nine did I forget my vitamins. My first instinct was to recoil in failure, but I went easy on myself and just made sure I got back on the track the next (business) day.

Another important part of this challenge is logging your progress and being held ACCOUNTABLE. This is where YOU - my fellow habit changers come in!

So even though I’m already a few days in – from here on I will check in each day to let everyone know I’ve accomplished my EASY PEASY morning routine and will offer support and encouragement to the rest of you.

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Default Re: New Habits!

How is it going?!
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