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Default Re: Possible to change your entire life?

Originally Posted by AB2371 View Post
But yes, I agree with your conclusion that small changes, slow and steady are most effective. .
Whenever I get a new self help book I tend to take about 50% of it into my life and not the rest. I think the answer is that I probably won't be able to change my life fully. But I can take joy in the few areas that I have been able to change and have improved my life.

In the last month I have been
1. slightly more happy.
2. slightly more trusting (and unfortunately it is looking like it bit me in the arse).
3. Much more unconcerned with finances and that has brought me joy.
4. Slightly more greatful... I often forget to be grateful.
5. Slightly more ignorant... it is so hard to avoid the news these days.
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Default Re: Possible to change your entire life?

Originally Posted by Emily Fox Seaton View Post
I am reading the secret. And no matter what you think of the law of attraction, I can't help but notice that to do what is required for that... I would need to take my life and turn it inside out. It occurs to me that much of the successes people have with the LOA is due to this abrupt change in their lives.

I would need to be:

1. Happy a lot. No or little negative thoughts.
2. Trusting.
3. Kind.
4. Unconcerned with my finances.
5. Grateful.
6. Basically, ignorant... knowledge isn't power... it is often misery.

Someone once said that innocence is the lack of knowledge.. and I can't help but see that here. People become happy and joyful and because, they are kind of regressing into they way they were when they were children almost. But, whatever works works right? My current life being:

1. Unhappy and consumed with negative thoughts.
2. Untrusting and guarded.
3. Kind of mean.
4. Ungreatful
5. Obsessed with information - after all knowledge is power... but there is no doubt knowing things makes me worry about them.

Is getting me on a first class ticket to misery town.

But here is the question... CAN I DO IT? I am 48, is it possible to change your life like this at this age?
You can change your entire life at any age. There is no guarantee it will make you happier. "Change" is ubiquitous. What part of your life do you want to change? Your outer appearance? Your job? Your city? Your education? Your friendships? Your eating habits? Your hobbies?

If you want to change any part of your life, you will when you are ready to change. Change is scary because the outcome we plan for cannot be guaranteed. So, you have to accept that risk comes with the desire to change.
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