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raging vortex
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Default I wish I could stop breaking my stuff

I do it sometimes in sted of self-injury. seeing a scratch on a disk or a break in a cup makes me smile

trouble is it only lasts for a few minits.. later when I realise it's broken and not how it used to be, I beat myself up about it (not just because of what I've done, the fact I need to buy a new one)

and of course: I'm not made of money either so money gets tight breaking all these things

and does it really work?. I just end up returning to do stuff on my body anyway. not really sure why breaking things is so appealing if later i'm just going to have to replace it..
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Default Re: I wish I could stop breaking my stuff

I can empathize with this -- my thing is sometimes that I'll throw out all of my medications. It's basically self-sabotage, I know, but it makes me feel better in the moment I guess.

And of course, I will have to get new prescriptions and all. It's pretty ridiculous.

Can you do something that is less injurious to things that cost money?

Such as: punching a pillow or something like that? I've also heard of people snapping a rubber band on their wrist. Something that doesn't cause too much harm.
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ann bog
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Default Re: I wish I could stop breaking my stuff

Loud music, regular exercise and hyperventilating help me. throwing away heavily used items and donating lightly used items help me clear physical space and give me room to breathe. Then I like to rotate furniture, tidy up and reframe my living space.
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