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Grin Asking for Good JuJu/Prayers..

Hey everyone, I just wanted to ask for Good Juju, prayers,or whatever wishful thinking you believe in.
After about a Year of searching for a Therapist/Counselor that accepts my Insurance, I received a response via Email today stating that THIS place accepts my Insurance and can put me on a waiting list.
This is better than nothing! and I'm crossing my fingers so hard they might snap! lololol.
It's about 45 min drive, but I'm praying it'll all be worthwhile in the end. I stated in my PT form that I was concerned about BPD, because upon hours of research yesterday, I think it really answers a lot of concerns with myself, my personality, quirks, etc.. I wrote about how there is a Stigma about dealing with PTs with BPD, so I was trying to nip it in the butt early, rather than be turned away if I do have it.
The Lady who responded gave me some extra info about the Stigma, and stated she's dealt with many PTs with BPD, and that it wasn't an issue for her. I'm really looking forward to the call to make an appointment. Please Pray I can get in soon. <3 I really need it and appreciate all the Prayers, good Juju, etc.
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Default Re: Asking for Good JuJu/Prayers..

Fingers crossed for you
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Default Re: Asking for Good JuJu/Prayers..

Praying and sending good vibes.
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