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Default Hair loss

Hi everyone,
I am a 21 year old female currently experiencing symptoms of extreme fatigue, brain fog, and a tremendous amount of hair loss (handfuls a day). I went to my family practitioner and they mentioned it could be thyroid related, however they went on to say these are all symptoms of depression and they had me fill out a depression questionnaire, diagnosed me on the lower end of the scale and said I should seek counseling and get on anti-depressants. The thing is, I am NOT depressed. I sleep because of pure fatigue, I am a happy person 99% of the time, and I believe that everyone has moments of depression but to be diagnosed it has to interfere with your daily life. I decided to turn down the offer on the anti depressants and counseling, however I did seek a specialist for my thyroid. The results all came back okay and it turns out I do not have a thyroid issue. The doctor mentioned the hair loss could be due to stress, or current trauma. I am going to school full time, work part time, went through a recent breakup, and moved houses, however I do not FEEL that stressed. She mentioned it could be something I have internalized and all of the buildup stress is just now affecting me, however, I feel like there is something medically wrong and I need answers. Has anyone else experience such symptoms and do you guys have any recommendations?
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Default Re: Hair loss

Ask to have your ferritin (iron) levels checked along. I was losing hair, and it really bothered me. I'm also female. When I went to my Dr., she checked my thyroid but also said it could be to low iron. My thyroid came back normal, but my ferritin came back extremely low.

So now I'm on a supplement of Ferrous Gluconate, and my hair is growing back in.

Good luck.


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Hair loss

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Default Re: Hair loss

Definitely worth getting your iron levels checked if you are tired. I was really tired. I found out that my iron levels were low and had an iron infusion and things settled back down. Some medications can cause hair loss but stress can make it happen as well.
It would also be worth going to a second medical opinion.
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Default Re: Hair loss

Centrum Silver can help with hair loss. There's a shampoo called Nioxen that also helps a lot.
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