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Default I now have ulcerative colitis. Low carb vs non gmo

Just got back from the gastroenteritis yesterday and I have a colitis. He gave me some pednesoline and another medicine.

While I was at the pharmacy the pharmacist told me about non gmo food. She gave me some examples of food with gmo in it but, I was wondering if it’s the same thing as Leto or low carb?

Would I have to buy the food labeled “organic” to be on a non gmo diet?
Been trying to read online about this. If there is a possibility of reversing this problem then I’m all about it.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Default Re: I now have ulcerative colitis. Low carb vs non gmo

No non GMO means it is non genetically altered food (or also known as natural) and it is not necessarily noncarb food. Maybe ask your doctor or a dietitian for best type of meal plan or diet for colitis. A recent type of diet FODMAP diet is good for persons with IBS and Crohns. Good luck.
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Default Re: I now have ulcerative colitis. Low carb vs non gmo

GMO- Genetically Modified Organism
i think tomatoes were the first hit on the list and started in the 80s, a majority of our food today has been genetically modified. scary concept. i topic i go a little crazy on.
Fish are also now taking a hit i thing the latest i read were farmed Salmon, but the abstract was the risk of them being able to get loose, and the argument they already are.. ugh

the FODMAP idea is a very good one, and elimination of the things that hurt your insides. i have IBS and ongoing things with my guts with upcoming tests which may set the stage for more drastic changes for me as well.

Organic generally is non gmo, usually this means not treated with chemical fertilizers/pesticides. many containers you see today will have the non-gmo certified little pic on it, its quite tiny with a green check mark and a small orange butterfly.
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