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Default Its a boy!

If anyone needs the back story on my daughter, look a little further in this section. Wed I found out she is having a boy and she is going to name him Isaiah James. Her dad was hoping she would give the baby her last name because they are not married but she said she wouldnt. I stupidly lashed out at her via text when he dad said it would break him. I never do that-ever. I know I hurt her feelings. She texted me back this long message about how unfair it was for me to tell her that it would break her dad. I didnt answer her. Friday we moved them into their apartment which is in my town so I apologized for acting that way because it was very immature. My gut tells me this boyfriend isnt a forever thing but what if I am wrong? I think she may consider hyphenating the name which is something. Yesterday they came over to ask for sheets because they are starting out with like nothing. I managed to get them a free living room set and kitchen table and chairs so its not a terrible way to start out. She is going to have to get used to being alone more. He got laid off from his seasonal job in which he was promised to be kept on after the holidays and got another job at another warehouse but I hope they can pay their bills. The whole situation has me going from happiness over the baby to worry to anger.
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Default Re: Its a boy!

Congratulations on finding out the gender.

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Default Re: Its a boy!

Your daughter is lucky to have such a great mother like you, sarah! Hang in there!
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Default Re: Its a boy!

Congratulations! You are a perfect mother and a grandma to be! Don't worry, everything will be fine.

When I welcomed a new baby into my life, I also welcomed a grandma in my guest room. It was a godsend! I NEEDED my mom's help! Moreover, she presented us with a great playpen. This device combines many features in one model. She also brought lots of baby clothes and other essential stuff I've even never heard of before. I was so thankful for it! My mom came and stayed for about a month. I'm so grateful for those days full of light and contentment... She's been through it already and knows more.

Grandmas are awesome!
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