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Default Re: What do you think would IMPROVE psych hospitals?

Tonight I had a hard time with control of irritation. A lot of yelling kids over for the weekend. I took propranolol for it (for anger like I'm sposta) but I still couldn't get ahead. I drank wine because I was super angry and didn't care that I was mixing the two. I cared some when I started feeling sick. But it's not like the hospital will actually understand or help. They'll unjustly call me an addict and take my meds.
Right now I'm sposta take my benzos but dunno if I can or should. My head hurts but I know I can't ask anyone without that tool being taken too "for my safety".
They're getting worse here and I think whatever progress has been made will go backwards here where I live because of the added homeless and addiction problems. Ppl are attacking staff. They were really weirded out when I was there.
When I asked that things not be done to me so that we could all be ok , they asked if I would attack them. Then I got really mad and walked away from them and security came over, I guess ready to tackle me if I was a problem. It was scary.
Deny me the meds that keep me chill then blame me for freaking out during forced withdrawal.
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Default Re: What do you think would IMPROVE psych hospitals?

I don't have much to complain. It was all free of charge and provided off government taxes I paid early on.

The toilets and bathroom was ****** that I had to be careful to not touch anything in there unless absolutely necessary. It was partly the fault of other patients. I have chosen the squatting pot because the seat comodes were always wet. This was particularly difficult with my ocpd.

There was this one guy who was snoring so loud that I regretted not bringing ear plugs.

There was only one mean doctor who I met at the last day. She was speaking to my mom who came as the guardian. Even though I was voluntary, she was telling my mom that I was not fit to take decisions behalf of myself. The other doctor explained the same to me that I should take time to calm down before taking big decisions.

The food was not my type. I had multigrain bread and cheese wedges as backup. And my friends, mom and sister brought food that was enough.

I was dying for a smoke the whole time.

All other doctors, nurses and other staff was awesome.

There was one exercise machine and lots of board games. TV reception was ******.

We were expected to go outside with the female ward for activities every morning. There was a garden with a pond with fishes in the middle. Most other patients were not much salient or had terrible short term memory. They seemed to be over medicated.
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Default Re: What do you think would IMPROVE psych hospitals?

I've been IP 3 times in my life and each time was worse than the one before. The system is hard for me to understand. With all the talk about stopping stigma and discrimination against mental illness the way many people treat those of us with MI seems much worse to me. Being IP is a horrible experience with too many doctors and staff that seem like they should be the ones in the hospital.
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Default Re: What do you think would IMPROVE psych hospitals?

1. food. (I don't even think I've ever eaten a proper meal in the ward), just thrown it or left it

2. wait times (I know they can't deal with you directly, but faster times would be nice)

and nicer rooms would be nice
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Default Re: What do you think would IMPROVE psych hospitals?

If they wouldn’t treat people solely on their diagnosis. Or wouldn’t treat people differently because they had a different disorder.

I refused to eat for 3 days when I was inpatient when I was a teenager. But because I didn’t have an eating disorder they refused to do anything about it. They said I was just being difficult. A girl with bulimia refused to eat and she was transferred ASAP.

Why would they refuse to do anything for me just because I didn’t have an eating disorder?
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Default Re: What do you think would IMPROVE psych hospitals?

I'm a veteran of roughly 30 inpatient hospitalizations. One admission lasted an entire year. I've been through a lot of inpatient care for psychosis, mania, and trauma. Here are my insights:

I think the first thing we as patients have to accept is that our expectations need to be reasonable. The reason patients can't have exercise rooms, IPODs, head phones, televisions, etc is because somewhere in the past someone tried to hurt themselves or others with those items. It's not the hospital's fault if a patient tries to swallow a lithium battery from an IPOD. That ruins IPODs for everyone. Rules are ever expanding because patients are ever creative. A reasonable expectation is inpatient therapy. There should be MSWs or MS psychologists in a good enough supply that everyone gets a session everyday. The therapists can act as a liaison to staff and the psychiatrist, diffusing complaints. Interactions with psychiatrists can be abrupt. There may be 47 people on a unit and two psychiatrists. That would make anyone rushed. It's hard to coherently communicate with your Dr. while inpatient. Try writing your questions for him. You know you'll see him daily so you'll have opportunites to get your questions answered if you write them out and request he listen. Obviously if you are psychotic or severely manic, this strategy isn't going to work. However, as meds kick in, questions can be asked. Finally, a hostile patient will be taken less seriously than a calm one expressing a concern. Attitude is everything.

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