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Default Re: What Point Would You go to Hospital Voluntarily?

Sadness maybe what you should be looking for is long term IOP or partial hospitalization they are both out patient and you go to therapy daily or 2-3 times a week. Maybe look for a program that deals with DBT
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Default Re: What Point Would You go to Hospital Voluntarily?

Originally Posted by *Laurie* View Post
Putting yourself under a 5150 is synonymous with having yourself arrested and thrown into jail. I don't recommend it.
Excuse me? Why shame someone about seeking help? You'd be surprised how many people go voluntarily and in my opinion it is very brave. To know you're scared on the outside and take action.
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Default Re: What Point Would You go to Hospital Voluntarily?

I personally would never go inpatient. Where I live there’s one good hospital in the area. I go to their outpatient practice for therapy and doctors appointment. But they never have any beds open at the hospital and you can be on a waiting list for days. So they just send you to one of two horribly abusive hospitals that always have plenty of beds open. Basically scared straight worked for me and I now refuse to go inpatient.
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Default Re: What Point Would You go to Hospital Voluntarily?

I think if I became a harm to myself or anyone at my home than I should voluntarily check into the hospital.

Being under the age of 18 it is not my choice anyway to voluntarily check myself into a hospital. It is up to my parents and either my Psychiatrist, Therapist, or Emergency Room Psychiatrist if that is who is evaluating the situation.
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