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Default Re: Did you make friends on the ward?

It easy to bond with others in a clinical setting. People often have the same issues and much in common. I don't tend to contact people outside of hospital though the invitation has been there. In one of the outpatient programs I have been to a guideline that has been set that people don't contact others in the group as each person is dealing with their own issues.
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Default Re: Did you make friends on the ward?

Ive made friends while on wards but I dont normally keep in touch. I have added a few people on facebook as well.
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Default Re: Did you make friends on the ward?

Nope, never did. In fact in one hospital it seemed most of the other patients didn't like me very much. Oh well.
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Default Re: Did you make friends on the ward?

There was always one or two people I was comfortable with and friendly with in the hospital. I wouldn't go so far as to call them friends, and we certainly didn't maintain contact after discharge. Not generally a good idea.
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Default Re: Did you make friends on the ward?

I have made many friends in my stays. All but one were short term inpatient friendships though. Still I look at them as that. I dont have any real friends so a deep connection is rare for me even though I can get along with pretty much anyone. I think I am too much for myself and others when not on a psych ward. I enjoyed having people I could be 100% honest and open with and have mutual understanding of each other.

The one friend I still keep in contact with doesnt live near me. We have never visited outside the ward but talk online still. It is hard and we continue to talk less and less becuse one of us seems to always be IP at different times or hospitals and yes it can be triggering so more of our conversations have turned into being about pets and jokes and stuff which is nice.
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Default Re: Did you make friends on the ward?

once when i was inpatient i made a very good friend and we hung out the entire time we were in but after some things about him became clear and i had to cut off the friendship.
Many years later an RN on the unit sat down with me and explained that ppl on the unit sometimes have criminal records or are awaiting trial for many unsavory issues. She said you have to keep in mind we can have rapists, child molesters all kinds of ppl up here and you don't know because no one can tell you to steer clear. I thought about that and the friendship i struck up with the guy so many years before and realized i might have just lucked out as he was put in jail after he got out of the unit for abusing his wife and kids.
So yeah i will strike up about 3 friends just enough to play friendly games of euchre when we were not in groups or eating dinner.
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Default Re: Did you make friends on the ward?

When I was hospitalized as a teenager, I made a lot temporary friends from my stay that ended up on social media with me. We weren't ever that close, but for a while there was some contact before it fizzled out eventually.

My recent hospitalization was a lot different. I hung out with one other student, he was the only other student and only one my age, and a woman that had suffered through a lot of the same things I had. Everyone else had been there a lot longer, were very messed up. I was glad to leave and forget it all by the end of it.
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Default Re: Did you make friends on the ward?

I was talking with my mom about this today. I mentioned that at the really bad hospital I went to the kids were the nicest for the most part, but the best hospital I went to the kids were really mean. She said itís because at the good hospital the parents were probably paying privately so the kids were snobs.

I didnít label the hospitals good and bad based on the patients though. I labeled them good and bad based strictly on the staff. But yeah looking back on it 12 years later that ďgoodĒ hospital was just as ****** as the bad hospital. Which is why I do not understand why some people just love the hospital.
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Default Re: Did you make friends on the ward?

I made many friends in the wards when I was hospitalized but I never stayed friends with them afterwards.

The last time I was in I made real bonds with the staff and patients and even fell in love with a guy there. But all of it when down the drain when I left, and I don't even know what happened to that guy either other than he took a turn for the worst.
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Default Re: Did you make friends on the ward?

I did a few times but Iím not still in contact with them. No crushes. Iíve had around 30 hospitalisations and in almost all I keep to myself due to the severity of my symptoms. I get paranoid and making friends can be impossible. Also Iím so obsessed with my demise that other people are of no concern to me. Mixed states with and without psychosis donít really make you friendly.
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