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Default Re: Would you be okay if you were wealthy?

I was dirt poor and struggled for many years. Being a mentally ill single mother with only a high school education limited my options. Then fate or the cosmos or whatever sent my fairly wealthy husband to me. I still suffer with my own personal doesn’t solve all my problems. but holy cow it sure is wonderful that I don’t have to wonder where my next meal is coming from or if I’ll have a roof over my head tomorrow.

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Default Re: Would you be okay if you were wealthy?

If I was wealthy I would probably be better off mentally. Depends on how wealthy but I would probably get expensive hobbies and do therapy and all sorts of fun stuff.
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Default Re: Would you be okay if you were wealthy?

I would definitely say having more money would be beneficial for those who need adequate healthcare to afford medications and regular therapy. Thankfully for me I have recently switched to Medicaid and that covers everything. I do worry about after I've completed college when I am making slightly more money and do not qualify for Medicaid, but for now I'm trying not to worry about it. I know when I was married and on my husband's insurance through work, basically nothing was covered. I had two medical bills in January for run of the mill visits, and the insurance company paid $24 of the $198 bills. The only reason I'm getting adequate medical coverage now is because I'm a very low income single mother.

Obviously, money doesn't solve lots of problems, but I think it would definitely be helpful. In times when I am very severely depressed or tormented by voices and have trouble coping with day to day living, it would be great to be able to just order food, pay for someone to clean the house, pay someone to organize my finances, pay someone to take my kids somewhere where they can have fun for a few hours, and pay someone to do outdoor yard maintenance.

Then, also, not having to work might be useful in the really difficult times. I know that being employed has helped me feel better about myself and given me something to occupy my time, but when I am having episodes I am often struggling through the day, trying to breathe my way through five minutes at a time. It would be really nice to just be able to volunteer places as I felt able or take luxurious vacations to relax and heal.

I am thankful for what I have, though, and I try not to worry too much but just trust that one way or another I'm going to stay alive and things are going to work out, even if the road is pretty bumpy along the way.
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Default Re: Would you be okay if you were wealthy?

I don't think any amount of money could help me. Over the last 35 years I must have easily racked up over $1,000,000 in medical expenses for this illness. 17 hospitalizations, some of which were 2-3 mths long.
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Default Re: Would you be okay if you were wealthy?

I'm in a better place now mentally, and I have slightly more time. I'm going to start pursuing ways to make some money. I know I could put that money to good use by making sure my wife doesn't have to work so hard.
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