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Default Could I be a list for scammers?

My best friend thinks I am, and I need to have my guard up all the time. I'm starting to think she's right. I was on the Experian data breach, tried filing a claim but that won't go anywhere.

The last one caught me off guard they way they went about the scam and who they pretended to be. But I'm getting that line again from a guy, I just feel like I should shut down my on-line stuff, but it entertains me.

I guess I could just not chat with anyone. I kind of do that now but occasionally one gets through. I just hate this! Guess I'm meant to be alone forever, I don't meet people that are available in real life. Glad my sex drive went away it was causing me problems. 3rd husband was an example of that. Single too long, he was a real man, his own mother told me he was bad news. I'm so unlucky in love.
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Default Re: Could I be a list for scammers?

I donít know about a list

I think whatís happening is your not seeing the red flags that are there.

I donít know where online you are talking to people that are trying to scam you but maybe you should stop until you figure out a way in your mind to catch these terrible people before they can try and trick you.
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Default Re: Could I be a list for scammers?

Scammers share lists of people who are easily scammed. Please be careful. I met a Nigerian scammer who tried to catfish me. I stopped it immediately after I realized this. I blocked all contact.
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