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Mad My business partner is too lazy to send short emails!

I'm so mad. My sister persuaded me to go into business with her years ago and her bad temper and laziness is getting more and more extreme and I can't figure out how to get rid of her.

I'm pretty much doing all the work on a daily basis, but she controls the computer parts of the company.

Lately, she will be sitting at her computer, reading emails and then tell me to go out of my way to write replies to people. She is so lazy that she won't even write a one sentence reply while she is sitting on her fat ***** with the email app open in front of her.

I'm so mad at her laziness. I wish there was a way push her out so I can get the business I've worked hard for to myself.

I just hate her so much. I actually made a storybook character named after her and I write about the things she does in a way that's not really a story because there's no plot or storyline, just to vent about the things I have to see and hear.

One of the things I wrote about was how when she has to find something, she pulls everything out of storage and hurls them on the floor. Than she tramples valuable assets while she cusses and rages about the place being messy. She leaves the ransacked things on the floor which causes an even bigger tamtrum the next time she needs to use the room. And because we work at home, she claims that the house is messy due to bad construction and that she is a victim of a bad house.

I also rather enjoyed writing about her daily coffee tantrums. Her day begins with screaming curses while she trips over the dirty laundry and garbage that is the equivilent of flooring in her bedroom. She cusses her way to the dining room where we have a single serve coffee machine. Then she has a daily meltdown over the outrage of having to make her own coffee. Sometimes, I think if I want to be free of her, all I have to do is stop cleaning the coffee machine and she will die of her own bad hygiene (her dirty habits had made me sick before). And she already has diarrhea pretty much year round which I suspect is from bad sanitation.

At least, I am enjoying my new hobby of writing out her behavior as if it was a slightly funny story. Maybe I can develop it into something I can sell or self publish as a way to get out of this awful partnership. I'm writing in the style of a fairy tale about how monsters are created when parents teach girls to expect to be treated like princesses. I am not a bad illustrator so maybe my bad luck of being related to a real life monster can become the inspiration for a new career.
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Default Re: My business partner is too lazy to send short emails!

I wish there was a way for you to get From her.
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