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Default Learning takes too much out of me

Hearing myself think is difficult for me. Writing down my thoughts helps. I am able to rediscover a few of those inner voices that I do not have the energy to finish thinking about. But then I forget what I have written, so I need to remind myself, "Are those inner voices trying to tell me something?" I guess writing out my questions and flushing out my own answers helps too. I need some resolve here. Does anyone else struggle with this when learning something new?
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Default Re: Learning takes too much out of me

Yes I believe I may understand what youíre saying AB2371, when I learn something new it helps to write things out and in college would sometimes re-write my notes from class or re-read them. More difficult than learning for me, is social interaction and focusing on work in cubicle farm.

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Frown Re: Learning takes too much out of me

I have never been tested for a Learning Disability other than ADD, since I havenít discuss my comprehending issues, with anyone not even my Doctor... Social Anxiety, ADD are a few of my other problems... I have such a difficult time comprehending everything.. Whether itís reading, sitting in a Conference, or watching a Documentary, etc... Itís to the point I avoid Socializing since I canít really partake in conversations since I donít remember much from Events, News, or Reading, etc that Iíve heard or done... Itís very worrying and is becoming detrimental to my personal Wellbeing, as well as my Profession, since I require to recertify skills and ongoing education. Everyday is a struggle...😥😐
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