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Default Re: Are you comfortable opening up on this forum?

There is one thing that I have noticed about giving and receiving any information or advice on any of the threads is this.
These days it seems all I see and here is the fact that nobody has parented their children properly ( I find myself guilty if this as well)
Every 2nd post seems to come from young teens expecting to be treated as adults and children at the same time. when the fat is boiled off.
Then looking for a scapegoat it is usually the male that gets called out.

So, after all, that is there ever a place for us to share what troubles a poor old middle-class male that is juggling family and their own list of ailments?

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Default Re: Are you comfortable opening up on this forum?

Old thread that I am going to resurrect. I thought about posting my own thread, but it kind of goes along these lines, anyway.

I have no issue posting on threads, in general, but I usually get hesitant about posing in "mens" forums (unless they are gay ones) because of my sexuality. I often get concerned that being a gay man is somehow perceived differently from being a "man," in general. I don't feel that way, myself, but I have seen or experienced enough homophobia or weirdness from others that my automatic assumption is that I will be seen as less-than in male forums because I am gay, or that my issues as a man are different because I am a gay man. And then when all the other men are talking about their issues with being men dealing with women, then how do I compare sharing my issues dealing with men, especially if the issues I am dealing with are about my sense of masculinity in the face of gay men or some other thing not about my gay interactions. And then, what about sex? My sexual issues may be very shared experiences (e.g. performance anxiety, physical issues, etc) but then how are opther guys going to feel about my sharing, even if the basic issues are the same, but the other body I am with happens to be male?

So, yeah, I tend to get wary about sharing in mens forums, but not because I am a man with issues sharing but because I am a gay man who is afraid of how I will be perceived, (mis)treated, shut down, or ignored. I think the only reason I even posted here is that Skeezyks did and was open about sharing about their gender dysmorphia (which, while totally different from my being gay, still touches on my sense of otherness).
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Default Re: Are you comfortable opening up on this forum?

For me I feel like this community has a lot of people that personally understand me and what I go through, it's a perfect place to talk about things more than others. I get what you mean about being a man and being expected to deal with it or stfu but guess what? To hell with what societies expectations are of me and no one can tell me how I can or can't feel or what I should be able to express. I spent years of my life never talking about anything, never allowing myself to feel anything but anger or frustration resulting in violent outbursts eventually. sometimes you just gotta talk about chit man; Just because you're a man doesn't mean you cant have any emotions to express yourself other than anger.
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Default Re: Are you comfortable opening up on this forum?

I know this is old but I would just reply. I am not comfortable to discuss my issues with other men. I am very ashamed of the type of abuse I have experienced and I have been called so many derogatory names by guys who became aware of my abuse. I do not open on the all men forum as I am afraid of the outcome.
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