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Default Look more like my father (masculine)

Hello. First let me say I hope this is an appropriate section to post this in.

I've noticed I look more like my mother than my father. Now it's not that I don't like how my mother looks or anything, it's just that I'm a male, so I (of course) want to look more masculine, so, more like my father.

When I was younger I even got mistaken for and made fun of because I looked more like a girl. I had really long hair so that helped, but I'm sure since like I said I look more like my mother my face itself has more of a feminine look too.

Now I know it's not possible to completely and totally just remodel your facial structure, but I've read a little bit and know you can change various minor things about it in different ways, like losing weight, treating bags under your eyes etc. So I was just wondering if anybody could recommend some/any ways besides obvious things like growing a beard, and aside from facial reconstruction surgery or anything drastic like that. Thank you.
Look more like my father (masculine)
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Well... I don't know as I have any particularly great ideas for you. But one easy way to make yourself look more masculine relates to what you do with your hair. Either comb it straight back, get a brush cut, or perhaps shave it all off entirely. And then, if you wear glasses, find a heavier more masculine looking frame.

I suppose it's possible you might also be able to do something in terms of working on your facial expressions so that you have a more stern look about you. (Law enforcement officers must get some sort of training like this so they display an air of competency & control.) At least these are the things that occur to me.
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Default Re: Look more like my father (masculine)

Well I know there’s this device that strengthens your jaw muscles to give ones face a more defined look. I think it’s called The jawzrsize. But one of the biggest things that is associated with the male form is muscle mass. So I would start hitting the gym and working on your main muscle groups.
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