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Default narcisstic ''best friend''

My ''best friend'' basically bullied me my entire life, and he always was the ''stronger one'' in the friendship. I was more the follower, the douchebag that took alot ****. Deep down I know have always resented him, and the only reason I hung out with him was because I had no other friends, and was afraid. I realise now what kind of abusve vortex was pulled into. Our friendship wasnt real, as there was a really toxic dynamic going on. I am not perfect either, and there seems to be this weird mutual abuse and envy towards each other. He is very stubborn and dominant and in my opinion he does not get it. No amount of reasoning can get him to realize he has to change. I think he is Asperger or something. He is negative vindictive and has a very rigid arrogance. For instance, lets say a nerd develops some self esteem and gets a girlfriend, my best friend is the type of guy that gets seriously offended, eventhough he has a wife, job etc. I used to hang around with him because I had nothing better to do, and he would always want to hang out, because he cant stand being wth his wife and children and rather hangs out with me and smokes weed.
Then last year I finally started to do more things for myself, such as traveling and he went haywire about. ''Why do you want to travel, what a waste is that? I really dont get it man?'' I went anyway, made new friends, came back told him about my travel buddies, he immediatly starts ranting about those type of people and whatever not. Then I got a new job which paid better than his job, and he was very bitter about this, when showed him a promo video about the job. He said ''look at those douchebags, thinking they are all hotshots, they're ****in nothing, just some lowlife salesmen in suits, no it's ok, you also need to scrap for dollars, i get it'' This was the point at which I thought enough is enough, We hung out a couple of more times and got into an argument and I just decided to break off contact, and blocked him. This was last year and he basically started stalking me, calling me anonimously, even wiring money to my checking account so he can type a message because i blocked his email. This guy is crazier than I thought. I got less and less phonecalls, but this sht has been going on for a year now and he does not want to give up. He is not interested in friendship, but just wants to reel me back in, patch up things and from there work to give me the final blow and hang me out to dry. He is a full-blown narcissist, and always wants control. also with his grlfriends, he is very demeaning. He just sucks the lfe out of people, he lies, threatens, manipulates his way through life. He is a disgusting person. All I can do is ignore him.
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Default Re: narcisstic ''best friend''

I understand. I used to have one too. You've done the right thing by breaking your "friendship" with him. Just keep ignoring him.

If you feel annoyed, is it possible for you to get a restraining order?
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Default Re: narcisstic ''best friend''

Ignoring him is the best way to deal with this. Narcissists hate being ignored more than most other things. It's right up there with being criticized, they can't stand it.
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