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Default I am obsessed about my things, what can I do?

I have an obsession about my new things (car, mobile...etc).

Once anything got scratched I hate, for mobile it can be easy to change it with a new one, but for the car it is impossible, I hate any of my things to get scratched.

Is this common, and how to get over it?
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Default Re: I am obsessed about my things, what can I do?

Hello seawhale: Yes, I have some idea of what you're saying. Whenever I have something new & shiny, so to speak, I'm protective of it. And if it becomes damaged, even if it's just a scratch, my first inclination is to get rid of it... get a new one... etc. This, of course, is not practical, especially if it is something expensive (even moderately so.)

I think in my case it may have to do with a perfectionist streak I have. I always expect everything I do to be perfect, which in reality it seldom is. So by extension, I also want everything I own to be perfect. And, of course, things seldom stay that way.

I can't say how common this is. And, as far as how to get over it goes, my thinking would be that what is important here is to figure out, to the extent possible, what it is about yourself (your personality) that causes you to feel the way you do. For example, perhaps you have a low self-concept & so any time something new gets scratched it feels to you like it's a blow to your ego. I don't know... this is just a thought. This may be something that could be explored with a therapist should you be seeing one, or have the opportunity to see one in the future. Best wishes!
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mwaxy other's want me to?
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Default Re: I am obsessed about my things, what can I do?

I also don't like it when I have to leave my belongings with others for safety....
I also used to keep my computer files in perfect order, gave up on that to normalise my OCPD.
I've had to readjust to living with others rather than alone, where I can control positioning of items, cleaning, my whole place generally speaking etc.
I still do regular clean outs of old gear to downsize, cleanse and minimalise.

OCPD at heart since birth I'm afraid. It's often harrow-some. Luckily sometimes bigger issues come up to prioritise however I still maintain a certain level of cleanliness and perfectionism (85% lowest lol)
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Default Re: I am obsessed about my things, what can I do?

Everything I have should be new and scratch free. Once an imperfection is seen, my automatic thought is to trash it... But my uber logic usually kicks in and keeps me from getting rid of it. This is, without a doubt, my perfectionism at its best and knowing this also helps me keep from trashing a perfectly good item.

Like mwaxy, I hate leaving my things for others to watch. Maybe I'm paranoid (Too many crappy roommates? A brother who always stole my stuff?) but I'll do a sort of quick audit of my things upon getting them back.

I must have had OCPD since I was a very young kid, long before the event I previously attributed it to, because:
* I stuck to rules verbatim and I did so until I was told it no long applied. When I was 8, the hospital called asking for my father (to say my grandmother died) and I refused to get him because he was sleeping and the rule was to never wake dad since he worked at night. (Needless to say, afterward the rule was modified to include "unless it's an emergency.")
* "Clean your room" was never a command that was followed until a qualifier was added: How clean? There was a stark difference between Mom Clean, Grandma Clean, and my clean (AKA: hospital clean).

Besides the issue with rules, I have improved a LOT thanks to my uber logic and my inner self asking "What would my mother do? I'll do the opposite."
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