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Trig Why did i like non-consensual sexual fantasies???

Hey guys; I'm new to PC, and I really really want some help on a problem. This is probably gonna be pretty long and wordy and will likely touch on some triggering sexual themes
Possible trigger:
so I really hope you'll bear with me. I've been worrying over this problem on and off for a near month now and I've gotten really scared, so I hope you guys will offer some insight.

Alright here goes:

I'm a 19 year old girl.
Possible trigger:
That's how I feel now, but what if that changes in the future? I read once that, if not curbed, sexual fantasies can escalate to the point where people can no longer suppress them, and they can no longer tell fantasy from reality. What if that happens to me and I hurt someone,
Possible trigger:

I'm so scared I feel sick. I can't even really enjoy my usual hobbies anymore because of my anxiety, and I sometimes think I don't deserve to be happy
Possible trigger:
I really wish I had a better first post than this, but I really want you guys' honest opinion. Am I sick? Should I get therapy for this? Am I over thinking this, or is this worry justified? And, if the latter, what steps should I take to ensure I never, EVER hurt a person?

I'm really sorry this got super long and wordy, but please help!


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Smile Re: Why did i like non-consensual sexual fantasies???

Hello Dew: Thank you for sharing your concern here on PC. I noticed this is your first post. So... welcome to Psych Central.

I'm sorry I don't think there is a lot I can suggest to you with regard to all of this. Hopefully there will be some other members, here on PC, who will have some insights they can offer. What I think I can say based on all of the posts I have read, here on PC, is that internet porn can be incredibly troublesome at least for some people.

You asked if you are sick, if you're overthinking this, & if your worries are justified. I'm not a mental health professional. So all I can offer you is my personal opinion. But my thinking is no you're not sick. Yes perhaps you may be overthinking this. However your overthinking is a part of the problem not a separate issue... if that makes any sense. It is a symptom, I would suggest, of the anxiety you are experiencing.

You asked if you should seek therapy. Yes, at least to my way of thinking, therapy would be a good way of addressing your concerns. It can be really helpful to have someone, in real life, you can talk things over with. Allowing these sorts of concerns to continue to rattle around through your thoughts, so to speak, can have a way of making them grow even bigger & more confusing.

I personally don't think you're in danger of hurting anyone as a result of all of this. Just the fact that you have the level of concern you have over it suggests to me the likelihood of your hurting someone is vanishingly small. The only person who is being hurt here is you. So please do take steps, in whatever way you can, to put the fears you have to rest. I hope you find PC to be of benefit.
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Default Re: Why did i like non-consensual sexual fantasies???

The fantasies you described are not unusual, IMHO. Sexuality has a lot to do with power and control, and that is arousing. You aren’t into violence, so that’s good.

When you do eventually have an intimate relationship, you can explore this fantasy in a fun and healthy way together. People role play in bed.
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