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Unhappy Opposite of Hoarding OCD with Trichotillomania and strange shopping experience.

I've never thought I might have Ocd and I haven't had a diagnosis but for years I've been pulling my hair, so much so that it's become my signature, a behaviour my fiends and family recognise as me. So now I know that it's trichotillomania but is that also under OCD? Then I've been getting rid of belongings sometimes precious ones and regretting it - the opposite of hoarding. Sometimes, I'll try and get the items back and have succeeded a few times. Once I even bought something again. It's like I get a good feeling from clearing out and then a few hours or days later, a sense of panic decends and I think OMG I've lost something I love and must have it back. Recently I've had another very odd sensation. I bought groceries in the supermarket and paid for them, somewhat less than I thought I was going to. Over the course of the next few days, I thought Oh! I'll eat this or that but it wasn't in the fridge. I look at my receipt and its not there but I've got a strong memory of picking it off the shelf and putting it in my trolley. At the check out the girl said she couldn't price my kiwi fruits because the bar code had come off so I had to sprint right across the store to find a bar code so she could scan them. Surely Sainsbury's have scales at the check out? I'm confused!!
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Smile Re: Opposite of Hoarding OCD with Trichotillomania and strange shopping experience.

I've never been diagnosed as having OCD either. And I doubt I would be. But I have also been a hair puller, although it has never risen to a level where it was a real problem. I've also had a tendency to get rid of things & then later wished I had them back. (It often has happened when I was angry about something & felt like throwing the baby out with the bath water, as the saying goes.) In my case, though, the things I got rid of typically went to a thrift store. And, by the time I began to miss them, there was no getting them back.
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Default Re: Opposite of Hoarding OCD with Trichotillomania and strange shopping experience.

If it's any consolation, me and my family also have that problem where we remember buying things but they just seem to disappear. But that's our ADHD playing up again.
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