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Arrow ====>> Please READ THIS FIRST before posting here <<====

Hey Everyone!

I just want to remind our members and give a head's up to our new members that there are many many different forums and sub-forums ranging from Kudos to Survivors of Abuse and many more that will more than likely fit what issue you wish to post about. Please give thought to what you are posting about and look for the appropriate forum to post in.

Chances are, your post is more appropriate to another forum and will be moved to that forum if you post here. Please review our forums and find the topic where your post best fits into.

Very often, as you can see, the threads are moved to the appropriate forum by a moderator/administrator. This forum should only be used for subjects which don't fit into any other forum.

If you are posting about more than one illness or disorder, try to figure out which issue is most troubling to you and choose that forum, or, you can make different posts for the other forums that would also be appropriate.

If you really don't know where your post would be best suited for, please, ask a moderator/administrator via pm and we'll be happy to help you place it in the best possible forum.

Posting in this forum really doesn't afford you with the best possible response from members who share in issues you are discussing. This forum moves quickly and very often a thread will disappear off the main page quickly. We want you all to have the most exposure to your post to get the best support possible.

Thanks for reading and we wish you all the best support PC can offer!


The Community Support Team

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