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Default Decided to move

Since my goal is to own. I think my real desire is to be independent. Yes I still want to own. For financial security. And will use living in subsidized to determine if I can live on my own. It will also adapt me to living away from mom.

Mom thinks I'm making a mistake. Which does have me consider her thoughts. But I don't feel that way. I feel like this the path God wants me on. There were delays but things are progressing. They want me moving in end of the month. It's a year lease. By than I will qualify to buy, have mom and brother paid off. Be in a better place financially. She thinks I should live here and do that.

I'm making strides. I guess I should start packing. My stuff is in nooks and crannies around the house. I'm just not ready for the backlash from mom. I know once I move out there is no going back. Next stop a group home if living alone doesn't work for me. That is part of what mom is worried about.
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Default Re: Decided to move

Good luck!
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Default Re: Decided to move

Hugs, good luck
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Default Re: Decided to move

I admire you. Your loving mother who cares deeply for your wellbeing will naturally feel this way, but perhaps you could meet her halfway? If things don't work out, ask her, then you'll know she will take you back. You don't know this uncertain path you are on, but you are brave enough to try. This is admirable.

Make a list of essentials you want to take, but leave some at home so your mother won't feel completely deserted. You may after a while want to return to take some things you have left; on the other hand, if life doesn't work out - well, then at least you will have tried.

You won't be trapped at home forever. All it takes is one brave step. If you are certain about leaving home, then you are on the road to becoming more independent. And this is a great thing, a wonderful goal so good luck!
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Default Re: Decided to move

Honestly how you feel about it is much more important than how anyone else does. If you feel you're ready to take the next step then you've already overcome the first roadblock. It's a fairly big decision to make so good for you and good luck. I hope to be moving soon too and yes, my mom is the one who isn't quite ready for that.
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Default Re: Decided to move

Moving out on your own, is a big decision, but I think you've thought through all the pros and cons, and the pros seem to be the most prevalent. It will probably be a tough adjustment at first, but you can do it.

Hope it goes smoothly.


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Decided to move

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