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Default Journal #1

I didn't know where this should go since it spans across a few conditions. So I'm posting in the general forum.

Underlying dissociative condition. Helpful. Trauma. Police officers. Hazing? Fear, shame, uncertain. Shock? Language delay? Selective mutism? Outcasted?

Intelligent, warm, friendly, intuitive. ADHD? Helpful, honest. Probably dissociative disorder. Naive, shy.

Brave, smart, friendly, naive. Anxious, afraid. Confused? Stressed. DP/DR. Real, dishonest. Bullied. Drugged? Outcasted? Rejected. Special. Liked? Respected? Pitied? Dissociative, trauma. Strong. Lost. Alone.

Shy, quiet, unsure. Well liked, confident, smart, happy, intelligent. Anxious, afraid. Strong. Leader. Lonely, uncertain, trusting, abused, afraid, fear, anger, lost. Dissociative, trauma, paranoia, fear.
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"Thanks for this!" says:

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I hope you find being here on PC to be of some benefit. If you haven't already done so, perhaps consider taking some of the quizzes & tests that are on offer. There's a link to them in the banner at the top of the page. However here's an additional link as well:

Psychological Quizzes and Tests

Speak only if you can improve upon the silence.
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Default Re: Journal #1

Sounds like you know yourself well. Much of your post I can associate with. Welcome to Psych Central. I hope you find support here.
certainly searching, dreaming

not my formal self
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Default Re: Journal #1


hope this forum is useful to you
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