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Default Where are the grownups?

Where Are the Grownups? | Psychology Today

The thing about fear is that its biologically contagious and chemically upregulated automatically in our bodies. Contrarily, its counterpart, calm, requires active practice and development.
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Default Re: Where are the grownups?

Originally Posted by pachyderm View Post
Interesting read. That said, here in the US, I personally hold our president accountable for mutating a serious public health crisis into a red versus blue debate. This foments resentment, amplifies the anti-science biases of the uninformed, and accelerates fear.

Where are the grownups? Not really sure, but they most assuredly are not anywhere near the White House. That is for damn sure.
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Default Re: Where are the grownups?


dx: Bipolar 1 Disorder; CPTSD

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