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Default Alternatives to Mental Health Treatment

People with mental health symptoms who refuse treatment do so for all sorts of reasons. Here are some of those reasons:

1. Cultural, spiritual, religious reasons
2. Past therapy abuse; not wanting to be triggered and avoiding the trigger
3. Past therapeutic ruptures, misdiagnoses, iatrogenic effects, etc.
4. Cost is too high
5. Lack of insurance that covers the treatments you're requesting
6. Potential job/career loss (if a mental health condition is noted on your record)
7. Personal/individual reasons
8. Other reasons not mentioned above

Fortunately, there are alternatives to traditional mental health treatments, or treatments that can be used in conjunction with mental health treatments. Here's a brief list of alternatives, in conjunction with some links to articles below.

1. Online social support groups
2. Online therapy or video therapy
3. Filial support (support from immediate and extended family members)
4. Friendships (support through friends)
5. Community supports (e.g., in-person support groups, therapist-led support groups, meetings related to a specific issue, religious/spiritual centers, on-campus support groups, etc.)
6. Self-help books
7. Higher education (e.g., studying psychology in college)
8. Advocacy groups
9. Hobbies (socializing with others)
10. Self-improvement or life skills courses at college or offered in the community (often not degree-seeking)
11. Holistic approaches
12. Nutritional supplements
13. Healthier lifestyle routines
14. Life coaches (they're not licensed mental health practitioners, necessarily)
15. Formal and informal mentor relationships (through school, work, the community, church, support groups, etc.; sometimes they are called sponsors in certain settings)
16. Yoga
17. Exercise
18. Online videos, podcasts, mental health apps, etc.

Here are the links that provide more information about alternatives and/or supplements to mental health treatment:

PsychCentral Articles:

What to Do When You Can't Afford Therapy

The Benefits of Alternative Therapies

A Guide to Alternative Therapy Practitioners

For Drug-Resistant Depression, A Choice Other Than ECT

Should You Consider Alternative Treatments for Anxiety Disorders?

External articles:

External articles related to the reasons why people may avoid therapy:

**Please share more alternatives if you have them!**
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Default Re: Alternatives to Mental Health Treatment

Very helpful post. I found very useful links for brain disorders. Thanks for sharing
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