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Smile Cats, Cats

We lost our sweet dog more than a year ago.

Our neighborhood is teaming with feral cats. They never set paws on our property until a few months after we lost our beloved pet.

First, a sweet but very timid female cat (she will still not let you pick her up but will occassionally rub against your legs) would come around every few days. She makes rounds at a variety of houses who also, very likely, feed her.

Late last year, a very young, lithe (but she was super skinny when she first arrived) adorable female cat arrived. We began feeding her regularly and she adopted us. She loves being pet and doesn't mind being picked up. Sometimes, when my H and I walk, she follows us for a while but she is really my daughter's pet. She is feisty in that when we are outside and other cats come up, she will chase them away if they get too close to us. Since she came, a couple of male cats now come around regularly. It is interesting to watch their interaction from our glass doors. If we go outside while the males are their, they bolt but now come periodically because we put quality meats and milk outside for the cat who stole our hearts. It would be hard to take the really wild cats to the vet but I probably should take the sweet cuddly one. It is one of the things on my list of things I should do.....
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Default Re: Cats, Cats

I'm sorry about your dog, but it was heartwarming to read about the cats who adopted you.

Please get the cuddly little girl to the vet. If two males are hanging around it is probably for nefarious reasons. The little girl could end up pregnant. If you can't get her caught to go to the vet your local rescue group ought to be able to help.
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Default Re: Cats, Cats

Yes, I have my eye on a pet carrier that I am going to buy (a soft one that you can see out of). Am going to see if we can get her to go in there voluntarely for a while. She likes sleeping on pillows when we put them on our front door mat....
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Default Re: Cats, Cats

the child has asthma and will have to part with our cats
we will definitely find them a good kind family, but this is still very sad
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