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Default Do you believe???

This may seem silly or not; But do/did you believe your Pdoc when they told you, You had PPD???

I personally believe I was told I have this, For them to try and control me some more than they already are doing and by telling me this, They think their plans are safe; When they aren't as I know what their plans are, Knew right from the start...
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Default Re: Do you believe???

I don't have PPD but I had some pretty severe paranoia with my BPD.

It took them forever to get me properly medicated because I kept thinking the pills were some sort of mind control drug that would make me forget what 'they' were up to.

Eventually I decided that it was too tiring knowing what they were up to and that I didn't care what they were doing anymore, I just didn't want to know.

Even if you're right it's much easier being a dupe.
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Default Re: Do you believe???

I too have BPD with paranoid features. I get it mostly with friends, family and work colleagues. I can get into a mindset where I believe people are out to get me, hurt me or control me. I get very fearful, accusing and isolate myself.
I think my issues with trust come from living with an emotionally abusive and lying mother.

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