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Default What do I say to him??


We have been married almost 20 years now and my hubby has always been my rock. Two years ago he became unable to work because of a medical condition and getting disability has been a long and trying experience for us. Last summer he started hearing the neighbors talking, he said they were talking about him. That wouldn't have been a problem except the neighbors are about a quarter of a mile away and he hears them 24/7. Then he could hear people talking everywhere he went. Now the neighbors are video/audio recording him. I can't open the windows or talk about anything "important" unless we do it in the car driving down the road. I have to do something to help him. He has told me that I'm going deaf because I don't hear them. He has told 2 friends about this and "they can't hear" as well. He has gotten video cameras to install " in case they are walking to our house when we are gone".
Lately he is always mad and he ignores any outside chores. He has the worst anxiety about going outside for any amount of time, I have seen him take an hour to go outside to simply get in the car to leave. He gets very mad and starts saying the only thing that will make him feel better is to confront our neighbors. I have thought about talking to the neighbors but I know he would feel betrayed and I can't do that to him. He insists he's not crazy. I won't say I hear something I don't but I tell him I believe he hears them but he's wrong in his thoughts they are talking about him. I even asked how they can possibly be outside 24/7 to talk about him and work/sleep and care for their kids, he just says he doesn't know.
How do I get him to realize how unrealistic his thoughts are and to see a Dr.?? Any advice is welcome I am just about to the end of my patience not sure how much longer I can keep smiling.
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Default Re: What do I say to him??

Can you ask him to go to the dr.s for a hearing test? Then tell the dr that he needs a hearing test because he's hearing the neighbors talk about him a quarter mile away.
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