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Default Mythomania

Hi folks

I have been posting here:

and in general, before and one user told me to go in here, because it's about Mythomania that is a kind of NPD.

In case that someone wants to know how to check/find out, please ask.

I have been living for more than 15 years with a mythomaniac and have four children with her. Since a new lover showed up, everything we had collapsed and my children are suffering.

The new lover is not aware of her condition (did not care when I told him about it, as he was much too deep inside already) and believes ALL she says, becoming paranoid, accusing me for threatening him, signing fabricated stories of my wife as truth.

Fortunately, the last one they did not post in facebook, but gave to the court and I have policemen as witnesses so I hope that in January, when I will have the trial, I will be able to show to the judge the true situation.

My wife can tell stories the way people think they have been eye-witnesses themselfs.

I was asking myself 17 years (as long as I know her) whether she believes her stories and is responsible for what she does and only after I started to understand mythomania in detail, I can say: NO, she is not aware of what she is doing.

She thinks of herself to be the best mother on earth, doing good to everyone and all the "*****" that happens to her is caused by "someone else" - usually by her actual "biggest enemy".
It is quite impossible to make her show self critizism. There is no guilt, no responsibility, but she manages to confure the people around and make them believe her whatever she says.
She looks (still) like an angel and has such a bad disorder.

I would like to know whether someone here can make me aware of how to make her admit her condition and start with treatment - or at least what strategies there are to get an investigation done by the court.

It seems that here in Spain NO ONE cares. She makes a sane impression, she might sound a little excentric, and she can tell so evil lies while looking people in their eyes, so they believe. Lawyers, judges, they believe. Any psychologists she does not want to speak to, never ever.
She receives Sertralina from a psychiatrist who wrote me that she cannot find out about mythomania, only tries to "stabilize" her moods.
Actually, the clinic and the psychiatrist stabilise her fabrications and completely stipped any way of doubt-and-with-for-help of my wife.
I believe that without sertralina she would not have been able to bewitch him that way and have him believe that he is her saviour and must fight against me - and the truth.

There were some little doubts inside her years ago, since she is taking Sertralina, the disorder has become stronger and harder, the doubts are gone, her stories are the only truth and whoever doubts is an enemy and receives her hate.
My children MUST believe every story, even if they have perceived it different, because they cannot stand her hate when they would doubt.

The "good one" is the one who believes her, the "enemy" the one who has doubts, confronts her with the truth. So easy and so effective for her. So muchof pain, trouble and problems for all others.

Best wishes
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