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Wink Remained Detached and Calm

My husband who suffers from an undiagnosed personality disorder, between paranoid and antisocial, mood swings, etc. Had a moment today. I thank God. He has not had a flipped out in awhile. Praise God.

I cleaned his drawers, and separated the papers from the clothing, bought storage containers, and merely tried to place them into the same containers based on area.

He survived cancer. I told him that the mix of papers with clothing was an indication of some emotional unrest. I did it for him. I figured that this would help him to bring his laundry up and allow him to organize himself. Shock therapy!? Kind of. I was hoping to help him have some self-respect. He works 6 days a week. But he couldn't find his checkbook in the containers. He had a meltdown. I realized he had looked at two when there was three. I pulled out the last one. After he had screamed and shouted.

I forgive him. He had accused me. His busted skull as a child now gives him major migraines. This only complicates the personality disorder behaviors, along with a partial hearing loss on the side he head was bashed in. He hid a lot of this while we were dating. I never put out, and befriend him after my first masters in counseling. I was off my game, even as a trained psychotherapist. I was a high school counselor. Anyhow.... We are experiencing a new day. Sure he yelled, accused, and slammed things, but he calmed down, and the LORD helped me find the bucket he didn't look through.

I am upstairs now for a couple of hours reading up on personality disorders. I think he has the paranoid and antisocial one, but I think he benefited from a loving mother.

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Hello Conqueror: I see this is your first post here on PC. So... welcome to Psych Central. I hope you find PC to be of benefit.
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Default Re: Remained Detached and Calm

Welcome to pc, Conqueror
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