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Default Fighting indifference

Sometimes I feel others love and energy and it feels good, but mostly I come back to my state of apathy. I can't fight it back.
I know love is good and is suppose to feel good, but I don't know how to create my own feelings of passion or hapinnes. In the end it comes down to lack of motivation and apathy.

I am here to accept suggestion on what I can do to fight this state.
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Well... I don't know... perhaps fighting your state of apathy isn't an effective way to approach the problem? Perhaps you could simply accept how you feel... or don't feel... as the case may be. One way to do this is via the practice of compassionate abiding. Here's a link to a description of the practice:

Relieve Distress By Allowing It: Compassionate Abiding 101 | Mindset: Perspective Is Everything

And then here are links to 3 articles, from PC's archives, that hopefully may be of some help:

Empathy Vs Sympathy Or Apathy: What Empathy Is Not?

Empathy Vs Sympathy Or Apathy: Can Adults Learn Empathy?

How to Deeply Nurture Yourself

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Default Re: Fighting indifference

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Default Re: Fighting indifference

There is nothing wrong with being apathetic. I live my life relatively well being an apathetic person myself. However if you are hurting others with your apathy you might want to try and change that so you at least don’t come across as rude or too stoic.
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