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Default Tips for PTSD part 2

Hello again,
I feel as if my first part was very brief and doesnít give helpful thoughts and ideas on how to cope with PTSD, so I am going to give some more tips and advice on how to help you out in bad situations that may trigger your PTSD;
1)diaries and sleep journals are a good starting point as with PTSD you may suffer with bad nightmares , so writing down what they were and writing how they made you feel is a good way of expressing the emotions your going through , instead of just dreading the time you have another nightmare of such!
2)itís an obvious one but therapy is a very good route to go down as PTSD is a serious condition and having a professional to guide you and help you will make your recovery and overall happiness increase! I was very against therapy as I hated talking about my emotions, but sometimes you need to put your mental health first and take the right decision which is best for you!
3)lets be honest here , having flashbacks and almost hallucinations of a traumatic event is insanely scary and not many people can even comprehend how it feels to go through , there isnít much that can be done to help it other than being around people that will help you through it , whilst making sure your safe in the process
I hope this comes as a helping starter point for anyone suffering with PTSD, what Iíve briefly touched on may not help everyone as everyone has there own way of coping and dealing with there own emotions! I hope this helps you x
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Default Re: Tips for PTSD part 2

Thanks for sharing this... I found both posts were filled with helpful information...

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Default Re: Tips for PTSD part 2

Teddy bears and weighted blankies!!!
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